Larry Swart

Welcoming any visitors that may view this website. I am a bottle digger from New England Ma. I have created this website for the sole purpose for  recording my bottle digging for 2015 and on. I will attempt to document most of the bottles that I dig using research from books and off the net. I would like to be able to have some content here that may help others discover what types of bottles they may have in their collection knowingly that there are many websites sometime bottles are dug such as local bottles that just don’t get posted on the web. I truly hope this year I will discover many of these great historical bottles.


If your looking for an expert on this field I suggest to visit US. Bottle Diggers & Collectors this is a wonderful group that is located on Facebook with new members joining every day we there have some great knowledgeable members willing to help you on just about any topic for bottles you may be seeking .   I’m just a digger that love to grab his shovel go out in the woods and see what I can dig up to me its all about having fun I will leave to tech stuff up to the guys that greatly work hard at knowing everything there is to know about glass from the past. I will certainly add links here for research as I will be using them to document what I find beneath the ground.

Not to steer you wrong I have been digging bottles from way back in my high school days I just never took the time to really research where the bottle was made or what it was for I just dug them up and kept them in storage mostly back then these were bottles from the 20’s & 30’s but these days I’m after the older bottles from the 1850’s and earlier but its the fun of digging and not knowing what will be found on the dig that I love the best no matter what the age.

Me in a bottle



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