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Hello all!

11164727_746950222084808_8525131715638231517_nWelcome to the world of hunting for wonderful glass from the past a hobby that just keeps growing.This is just one of thews thrills you can get that don’t cost an arm & a leg and boy all the super folks you will meet.I started  hunting to old bottles while I was in the 9th grade in the town of Southhampton Ma, & Westfield Ma. I took every bottle home that I dug and boy did I have plenty,It wasn’t  but only a few years back that I started to be very selective of the bottles I kept, You know you just cant take the whole town dump with you.

I now have a small swell collection of bottles all 1890’s or older along with just a few milk bottles from the 20’s & 30’s mostly from the old local farms.One milk bottle I will cherish just because its barring my last name Swart I am very blessed to live in an area that reals many many old dumps from Western Massachusetts. this area was settled way back in the early 1600’s although I have not been able as of this time to find one that dates to the early 1800’s I will for sure keep hunting but this is not to say I have not dug bottles from the 1850’s some times they just find them selves in a newer dump but that works for me just fine so you see you really never know what will show its self in any dig.


I have been starting to collect as many of my digging photos as I can find so I can add them to this website’s Gallery. I will be updating the Gallery on every dig for now on .I hope any visitors find them interesting.


5/21/2015 Northampton bottle dig hitting the bottom.


I went back to Nothampton to work my way further into the hill & hoping to reach the bottom at the same time. What a strange dump it is looking like from the top it dates 1800’s all the way to about a foot from the bottom then it gets … Read on my friend maybe there’s more!!!

First dig in Northampton Ma. this year 5/20/2015


So today was a day of searching.Jeremy and I scouted out an area that we had dug once last year. I started a hole that I spent most of the day digging hoping to hit a bottle vain but only got a few broken shards and one common flask. Jeremy … Read on my friend maybe there’s more!!!

Glass From The Past Mason Jars


No  two the same and filled with rich history. I have been collection not just the bottles I dig but all thews interesting broken shards from the past also marbles broken plates and even thews broken figurines and what a wonderful simple way of displaying them in the window using … Read on my friend maybe there’s more!!!

The Cape Fear Dairy


  CAPE FEAR DAIRY WILMINGTON, NC North Carolina D. SWART The Cape Fear Dairy owners and operators, left to right: Cornelius (1895-1981), Dirk, Jr. (1899-1980), Hendrick (1906-1985), Jacob (1910-1980), William (1896-1976), Jan (1908-1955), Dirk, Sr. (1873-1939) and Maarten (1901-1962) Swart. The Cape Fear Dairy was owned by Dirk Swart and … Read on my friend maybe there’s more!!!