Just another New England Bottle Digger’s Website created to document all the wonderful bottle diggings that has kept me feeling young.  I welcome any new comers here to this website and do very much hope you leave it feeling like you want to get out there and start digging for great glass from the past.

  The author of this site is not one to create long boring post but very much enjoys people that have stories to tell and just love communicating about bottles.  There are so many bottle websites out there where you can get information for just about any thing your looking for wonderful well put together sites I might add.

  Here I just want to have fun with communicating and sharing photos also documenting the digs that I have gone on.  I  will leave the blogging to the pros I’m just a digger and that’s what I want to be nothing more nothing less. I do love to read other bottle diggers stories and only wish I had the talent to write with such grace. will  enjoy viewing the photos and ask to become a member if you please once excepted head to your profile and get started.

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